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Maintaining Your Real

Estate License

​In order for your license to remain active, you must maintain it by remaining associated with an actively licensed real estate broker, and by completing all required continuing education. 


License Renewal Date: June 30 every two years (annual CE requirement is 15 hours)

Please Note: Although the renewal date is 6/30, all CE must be completed by 6/15

Hours Required By The State: Licensees are required to obtain 30 hours of continuing education every 2 years.  You must complete 15 hours of education each year within that 2 year period.

  • A licensee must complete a mandatory module each licensing year as part of the 15 hours.

  • A licensee must obtain 1 hour of credit in the area of fair housing for each 2 year license period.

  • A licensee must obtain 1 hour of credit in the area of agency law for each 2 year license period.

Seat Time: The Minnesota Department of Commerce requires that all students spend a minimum amount of seat time engaged in the course content. Our online course delivery system manages this requirement for you.

Max Hours in a 24-Hour Period: Minnesota real estate licensees are not allowed to complete more than 8 hours of courses in a 24-hour period. Our online course delivery system manages this requirement for you.

Note: Please check the courses so that you're not repeating courses in the same 2-year cycle. The only required module for active licensees is for this year's renewal period ending on 6/30/22. CE needs to be completed by 6/15 in order to ensure a smooth and successful license renewal process.

Commercial-Only Licensees

"Commercial-only" brokers and salespersons who are engaged solely in the commercial real estate business and whose commercial-only status has been verified with the Commerce Department through the required filing (explained in the "Commercial-only Exemption" section below) do not have to complete a course on agency law, a course on fair housing, and a specific module training course, but must fulfill all other continuing education requirements.

Continuing Education Transcript

To verify your CE compliance, you must review your Continuing Education Transcript on by clicking on the “Review your CE Transcript” link and entering the required information. If you do not know the required information, contact your Director of Agent Services for assistance. Make sure your pop-up blockers are disabled in order to view your CE transcript.

​Please contact your course provider if you have taken a course that is not listed on your CE transcript. The Department of Commerce cannot assist you with this issue. All completed continuing education courses must be uploaded by the course provider.

License Renewal

You do not submit your application to renew your real estate salesperson license; the real estate broker that you become associated with must submit it. Once the application has been approved by the Commerce Department, your broker will be able to print out your renewed license and inform you that your license as a Minnesota real estate salesperson has been successfully renewed.

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